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From our manufacturer in Israel, to Baguette Mondial's Miami sales office, our supply chain works efficiently to deliver diamonds of all sorts to retail stores and diamond brokers around the world.

While our niche is in the production of MELEE, with our strong suit in goods ranging up to 1.0 carat, we also offer GIA and EGL certified stones from 0.50 ct to 10 ct. Using state of the art cutting technology, we manufacture stones in any shape, in particular, tapers, baguettes, carres, rounds, trilliants, emeralds, hearts, pear shapes, ovals, asschers, bullets, kites, and princess. Our expertise extends to the production of PERFECTLY MATCHED SIDE STONES of any of the aforementioned shapes, including trapezoids and half-moons, which we offer either in step-cut or brilliant-cut. We also specialize in providing our clients with ANY LAYOUT of any color, clarity, shape, and ratio for stones up to 1.0 carat.

As part of our customer service we carefully sort all of our goods so as to eliminate any chance of a parcel going to waste. If you are having difficulties in supplying a specific custom order for your clients, with a simple drawing or picture we can cut stones to match your requirements.

As your diamond broker, our expertise is at your service. Please, do not hesitate to call for your consultation today.

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