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A message from the president...

Allow me to introduce our company "Baguette Mondial Diamonds" as one of the largest diamond manufacturing companies. We are also proud to say that in the goods, we manufacture; TAPERS, BAGUETTES, CARRES, ROUNDS, TRILLIANS, EMERALDS, TRAPEZOIDS, HALF-MOONS, PEAR SHAPES, OVALS, ASSCHERS, BULLETS, and PRINCESS - WE ARE NUMBER ONE!

Our factory is located in ISRAEL.

Our Specialty is sorting. We have numerous selections of color, cut and quality for each type of stone we manufacture.

We carry layouts in all shapes of diamonds and any size and quality you desire. One of our specialties are perfectly matched pairs of side stones. We also carry a line of platinum semi-mounts with our beautiful array of side stones.

In our baguettes, tapers, round melee and princess lines it has been proven again and again that customers prefer to buy sorted goods, and not parcels so they do not accumulate stock. This is the correct method.

So let me ask you: "When you buy a parcel how much of the contents is wasted?" quite a bit! When you buy a parcel from "Baguette Mondial Diamonds" nothing goes to waste. You will know exactly what you are getting, which sorting, purity, color, size and which specific diamonds. We are proud to say that all our customized service will not increase your price. This is the policy of our company.

If you are having difficulties in supplying a specific custom order for your clients - with a drawing or picture we can cut stones to match your request.

We would therefore be very glad to learn from you, your exact requirements, as we feel sure that we can at the top of the list of your suppliers for the goods mentioned above and for our special prices.
Look forward to hearing from you!


Malka Rosen
Malka Rosen
Baguette Mondial

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